Binary Option Millionaire Club Review

Binary Option Millionaire Club is the best traders club in the market! Our systems uses multiple indicators and filters to provide laser accurate signals that have been proven to increase the accounts of our customers. We provide a winning rate of over 95%. When you become a member with us, you are part of our family and we will do whatever it takes to help you succeed.    1

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Today I’ll be providing a brief review so the forex leaks community knows what to expect from this vendor.

Binary Option Millionaire Club Review

According to Binary Option Millionaire Club, the BOMC team has put together six trading systems available for sale. And you can get access all six systems through membership. Currently they offer 3 membership. In Silver membership you can get access 2/6 systems with all systems updates and support. In Gold membership you can get access 4/6 systems with all systems updates and support. In Platinum membership you can get access 6/6 systems with all systems updates and support.


Binary Option Millionaire Club have a Facebook page and provide their results on the front page of the website via screen shots. They are posting their results on daily basis.


The quality of Binary Option Millionaire Club systems are excellent.

They have a very profound strategies in there systems that uses multiple indicators to filter out bad conditions and give you many different options. The strategy uses the 1 minute chart, and sends signals in any minute when condition meet. The expiry time is also 1-5 Min  so you know exactly when to place the trade.

You would get systems signal at any time you would place a CALL or PUT trade and you would set the expiry for 1-5 Min minutes after. This makes it very simple to place your trade because there is no work required on your part except for placing the trade.


Binary Option Millionaire Club systems signals come in three different ways:

  1. Email
  2. In MT4 on chart
  3. SMS

This way you never miss a signal. Since there are very frequently signals with this software I tend to just trade right off the chart so that I can use my own knowledge in the trading process. In the trade example above we can see that the market is ranging which is when this software is the most effective. They talk about this more in the members area so even though they filter out bad conditions you can spot them yourself as well.


Important aspects of the Binary Option Millionaire Club:

  • Trades Pairs (Any)
  • Provides signals in all sessions
  • Free installation and 24/7 support
  • No required broker signup
  • Provides over 100+ signals per day
  • Hitting over 95% accuracy for the past two years
  • Free upgrades
  • Free Support


Binary Option Millionaire Club Result

I have been testing this software for the past 1 months and I have had outstanding success. Keep in mind I don’t trade every single signal they provide. I have a family, this web site, my own manual trading and other responsibilities.

Binary Option Millionaire Club Conclusion

I am really happy to see these software as strong as the binary option millionaire club force it’s way onto the market. These are the type of software that all developers should be focused on designing. It iscomplex in strategy but simple in utility.

At this point in time I am providing a final verdict for the Binary Option Millionaire Club . Their systems alone is being sold for $150/$250/$350 and all six systems can be had for $350. As far as I’m concerned, this is a very cheep price to pay for these systems with profitable results. I believe you should try BOMC systems. This page will now act as a hub for traders to gather and provide explanations about their experiences with this software. It doesn’t matter which membership you’ve tried, whether it’s the Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

I recommend this software officially to all readers of forex leaks. I have gone out of my way to find a discount coupon they will be honoring for the first few copies sold, I will try to get it extended if i can.

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