Copy Trader Review Is Scam Or Legit ?

Copy Trader Review Is Copy Trader Scam Or Really Works? Should Try Copy Trader System? My Real Review of Copy Trader Software Until Invest in It

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Copy Trader

So for about a week, there’s been huge publicity over a binary options trading app product called “Copy Trader” and I’ve help off doing a review of Copy Trader for a number of reasons, and I’d like to take this new opportunity to explain what my initial thoughts on Copy Trader app were, and what I think about it now and why.

Copy Trader is yet another binary options trading signals apppromising to make you more money that you’ve dreamed of in a short space of time, but does Copy Trader live up to its hype and promised?

Is Copy Trader scam

The Copy Trader App product itself is claiming to have an algorithm that predicts what is going to happen in binary options trading market. I’m not strictly a fan of binary options signals app like Copy Trader that make these outlandish claims, as I simply do not believe that you can predict the binary market.

However, I’ve noticed that this is 60 second trading, and with 60 second trading, I’d say that there is a high possibility that what the Copy Trader algorithm does is analyse the last few minutes and look for regular patterns, and this is something that would only be effective on 1 minute trading.

With that in mind, I’m leaning towards Copy Trader not being a scam, and I have high hopes for this new exclusive binary options app.

Now back to the Copy Trader scam, or not a scam as the case may be. As you see from the image below, you actually have the choice of either “auto trades” or “manual trades” I personally hate auto trading binary app as it’s very high risk, so I’m glad I went through the Copy Trader sign up process as I wouldn’t have found this out. However, when I went through the sign up process and was directed to titantrade to fund an account in order to get a copy of Copy Trader software.

Copy Trader Review

I actually already have an account with Copy Trader broker so they’ve requested compliance documents and a reason for opening a second account, and I’ve told him it’s so I can try Copy Trader, and I’ve used this opportunity CopyTrader scam to call them and find out if they have had any bad feedback about the Copy Trader Software.

I was told that they’ve had a handful of complaints from people that didn’t know how to set the software up, but they have all been briefed at Titan Trade on how to help people with his Copy Trader System, however he did say that the customers are more annoyed at the fact they don’t have a phone number on their site, nor does and there’s nothing to say that the broker can assist them with setting up the app.

All these points are a bit on the negative side and go against the Copy Trader app, however it a huge scam, it’s just highlighting a weakness in their customer service, and very few binary options robot companies have the same set up as like we do at Copy Trader, so you might want to keep that in mind when you’re deciding on who to invest through.

So what’s my verdict on Copy Trader?

Well Copy Trader Broker, a is a Scam broker have told me that the CopyTrader software is generally quite fraud and scam, the broker website is scam , so I’m Not Recommended to Invest in CopyTrader Software.

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